Mon talk sur les Container Images à la Dockercon 23!

L’enregistrement est maintenant disponible !

Ce talk est en anglais, dont voici l’abstract :

Containers are everywhere — from local tools to production systems, including serverless, AI, etc. But on the other hand, we have the images. While we mostly know them as a kind of packaging system to embed our software, they are more than that. Have you ever wondered what an image really is? Let’s dive into OCI (Open Container Initiative) Images:

  • What really makes an image an image
  • How to pull or push an image
  • What is a blob, a manifest
  • What is a tag, and what is the relationship between tags and images
  • How are multi-arch images made
  • How can we store other types of information, such as SBOM, provenance attestations

To make it even more comprehensive, let’s do it interactively and start by building an image, then explore the internal of the image and its relationship to registries. In the end, you will have a better understanding of what an image really is, including the limitations and the possibilities to extend it.

slides en pdf